TSC Custom Made Accessories

Caliper Dress-Up Kit

This caliper dress-up kit really puts the finishing touches on any single piston caliper from the 70s and 80s.  Most of these have a matte black finish with a 40mm circle on their outermost edge. This kit includes two self-adhesive 3D left and right Honda wings with the word "Honda" below them and nice silver rings on the circles edge. If you want to cover up some scars, dull paint, or just dress-up your calipers this kit is perfect.   This self-adhesive backing adheres to the convex shape of the calipers.  It can be removed without damaging the surface and will protect the original undamaged surface on the caliper. I have fashioned these after the Carb Dress-Up Kits.  The kit is $30.00.  Shipping $4.00 domestic/$7.00 international via USPS.

This kit also works for Honda CB450 and CL450.  The price for this kit is $12.00.  Shipping $4.00 domestic/$7.00 international via USPS.


I have put together a harness to override the Reserve Lighting unit on a GL1000 Honda. These are electronic units that were placed on this bike in expectation of a DOT regulation that was not implemented. They worked well for many years but are starting to fail. This can be dangerous at night. This harness is a quick (even in the dark) fix to that problem. I discovered this through a failure of my own unit.   The front brake light circuit was not functioning and I traced it to the reserve unit.  This harness is $10.00.  Shipping is $4.00 domestic/$7.00 international via USPS.


If you have any GL1000 Honda you may not be pleased with the appearance of the carburetor's white plastic cap.  I have put together a kit to help you with that problem.  This dress-up kit is easy to install and greatly improves the appearance of the caps.  This dress-up kit can also preserve those caps that have not deteriorated.  It is for dress-up only and will not replace defective caps.  The kit is for all four carburetors.  After your purchase put your choice of black with silver wings or white with red wings in the message box.

The kit is $24.00.  Shipping $4.00 domestic/$7.00 international via USPS.

TrackSide Cycles

  Wake.  Chop.  Ride.  Repeat.


​​If you feel the illumination capability of your motorcycle is poor this kit may be your solution.  It consists of LED upgrade bulbs that improve the illumination greatly.  We have 6 volt and 12 volt kits.  Price varies depending on make and model designation.  Email us for a quote.

Below is an example of before and after improved illumination.  Benefits include less amperage draw, extended battery and bulb life.

Alternator Plug

​If your vintage Honda is plagued with a melting alternator plug (3 yellow wire connector) here is a solution tested by yours truly after many feudal attempts at replacing it with OEM.  Heat and water resistant 3 connector plug.  You'll need a crimper or soldering iron to install the plug to your harness.